We are a small breeder based just over the Devon/Cornwall border and we have an absolute passion for GREY alpacas. However, you will see other colours and patterns in our herd not only due to the fact that greys are notoriously difficult to breed, but because we also have a real interest in colour genetics.

´┐╝We keep our herd size small so that we can devote time to (and enjoy) individually feeding and handling our animals. As a result our animals are relaxed around people, feed from the hand and are halter trained and easily handled.

Being small, however, doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality and our animals pedigrees boast some of the best grey genetics that are on offer in the UK. We have an impressive stable of grey herdsires and continue to make use of top quality outside coloured genetics, predominantly black and grey, in our breeding programme.

We often have animals for sale in a variety of colours/patterns (pets and breeding animals).